Mission, Vision 2027 and Operating Values


To collaborate with our ethical and professional performance, to accomplish our costumer’s industrial construction and manufacturing projects, in planned time, cost and quality. From the engineering, construction, manufacturing, installation and erection, until commissioning and start-up. And as a specific purpose of SECODISA: Achieve real expansion, rentability and fulfillment with our social responsibility.


We offer all integral solutions to the industrial projects neediness, applying our technical and management expertise to solve in a systematic and multidisciplinary way their requirements, including unsolved problems.



Perform aligned actions to precise objectives, connected with passion to my-self supreme, printing the necessary effort to get the results.


Set our essence and talents to other´s service, so they take over responsibility to grow and to create their own way to attract plenty and achieve self and common wellness.


Create economic richness from honest work to benefit humanity.

Create Allies

Recognize individual talents and unite our capacities weaving our selves as a team of leaders to enhance our performance and achieve objectives with good attitude.


Doing things right, even if no one is watching, performing ethic interchanges.